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Here’s to Roots


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Hits Home Hard


I’ve seen this saying several times over the years but now it hits home hard.  I’m more than aware how people change over the years, myself included.  Sometimes the changes are good, sometimes less than good, and sometimes simply necessary.  I really do like who I have become after facing so many challenges over the last couple of years.  I’m a lot more laid back and can appreciate the simple things.  I don’t know if that’s just from age or if it’s due to my surviving everything.  Whatever the reason I like the outcome.

After my ex and I split and I decided it was time to start putting myself out into the world again I had a pretty set idea of what was desired and what were deal-breakers.  Mix that with not being in a hurry and I think that I found the best approach.  I can say that I have been on some very interesting first dates and even some second dates that would make you laugh (or cringe I guess).  What I am happy to say happened ultimately is that I have found the one that makes my heart smile.  The one man that quiets my overactive brain.  The man who I can’t describe any other way than “just feels right”.  We are similar where it matters but we are different in ways that make sharing time together fun.  We laugh easily and find comfort in something as simple as a quiet embrace.  I’ve shared things with him that I would easily shy away from sharing even with the best of girlfriends making him more than just my confidant.  I’m a worrier and he calms me.  I can honestly say that I understand the sign up above so much more over the last few months and I am overjoyed to have this man in my life.

Thank you, Love, for everything.  I couldn’t have asked for a better man to have walking next to me.


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Being in the Moment


This is going to be such an amazing weekend. I’m blessed to be able to spend time with my favorite man, his more than welcoming family, as well as my own beautifully crazy family. As I get older I find that there are so many special moments in life that are to be remembered and savored. I treasure good times spent together more than objects. I’m still a woman though so shiny baubles will always be on my list of good things. But without a strong emotional link behind those shiny things they don’t mean much.

And if that’s just too much happy sappy crap for you, know that there will be more than enough school work mixed in during this long weekend.

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Completely, and Perfectly, and Incandescently Happy

Yes, the title of this post is a quote. Yes, the quote is from one of my favorite books (and movie). But is it true? In a word, yes. And being happy makes the rest of the mess of life easier. I look forward to where life takes me and this path especially.


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Frozen Butt for Charity

I’m on a Polar Plunge team through school. This is such a good cause I can’t wait to help out! There will be a costume involved but you’ll only get to see it if I meet my fundraising goal. And trust me when I say that it will be worth it. ;)

The event will be held January 25. And for those that were asking, it really does take place outside in a cold-ass Kansas lake. There’s even rules. Think you can just walk in far enough to wet your ankles? Nope! There’s a line of firefighters that make a ring and you have to give a high five before it is considered complete. One high five is all it takes. Is that good enough for my crazy team? Hell no! We’re getting a high five from every single one of those firefighters!

The funds raised go to the Special Olympics. How can you say no?
Polar Plunge Donation


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