Goodbye My Friend

Today we lost a beautiful friend. Cuddles was diagnosed with inoperable bone cancer that presented in her front ankle. We were told then that she could go at any time and we made the most of those months. Today she couldn’t do it any more. I am comforted to know that she is out if pain but I will miss her nibbles. Thank you for the time you were able to spend with us, Cuddles. You will be missed dearly.


Chemistry Distraction

I’m being a good wife and letting Hubby sleep in since he was up all night playing Xbox live with friends working hard. Because I have a quiz in the morning and two tests a bit later in the week homework just makes sense with this quiet time. Although anyone with kids or, dare I add, dogs knows that the term “quiet time” is different than when one was a young woman living alone in a studio apartment across the hall from an Indian family with the best smelling food. Good times. Good quiet times.

Where was I? Oh yes… My little furry at-least-she-isn’t-barking-at-some-shadow-or-eating-a-textbook puppy making homework a challenge today.


He is My Squishy

This is Roscoe. He goes by many other names. He’s my Bubba, my Squishy, and also Gumby. He is a purebred Treeing Walker Coonhound. We got him from a prison dog program about nine years ago when he was about eight months old. The idea was that each prisoner (human not dog) was assigned a dog from the pound to train. The dogs lived with the inmates 24/7 and once they finished their training they were adopted out. We think Roscoe’s training just didn’t stick but he’s still a great baby. His trainer named him and what else would a dog from the slammer be named?

Tonight we got a bath. I say “we” because a lone 155 pound woman does not bathe a 100 pound dog in a bathtub and stay dry. Just doesn’t happen that way. He’s a good bather once you convince him that he needs to get in the tub.

He is an old man now and has old man problems. Stairs are a challenge as are his pesky younger sisters. He likes to sleep more now than he did when he was a puppy. But he’s still my baby boy.

He really isn’t aging well and that makes me sad. I’ll admit that I had a good cry with him tonight about it even. He just sat next to me and gave me hugs. Other dog owners will know that pups have a way to hug even if they don’t have arms. I love my Squishy.


Laid Back

This is Karma. She is the darker half of our guard dog sisters at the shop. My husband and his parents own a towing and auto repair business and the law states that either they have 24 hour manned surveillance or dogs. We chose dogs. A pair of Great Dane litter mates; Karma and Cuddles. Don’t laugh. They were named when I found them. Although it is funny when I have to say “bad Karma.”

The girls are just as happy running after bunnies as they are sleeping in a ray of sunshine. It makes me remember to slow down just watching them. They are so simple. Love them is all they ask. People aren’t much different.

Must try to remember that.


New Family Additions

Since I made my goal I have been thinking of a reward.  Yes, I know that a reward should ideally be picked out before reaching a major goal (details).  I was really thinking about getting a tattoo. Yes, another tattoo.  This one would be very appropriate and a bit twisted funny.  Since my history with my surgeon finding my port has historically been iffy at best, at least until my first unfill right after my revision surgery healed, so Dr. K and I joke that I should get a bullseye tattoo over my port site.  Something like this maybe…


Ready, Aim, FIRE!



I was going to consult with my favorite Fat Man over at Dragonfly Tattoo (where I get all of my work done~ my leg piece is on Clint’s gallery page) when something I’ve been wanting for a while landed in my lap.  One of my pharmacists is moving to Florida in a few weeks and she’s trying to unload a bunch of her stuff.  One of these things was an iMac.  Sweet!  So now that I’m a Mac-geek I’m trying to figure this alien out.  I’m doing pretty good but for a chick that loves her keyboard shortcuts on Microsoft it’s a bit tough.  A friend likened it to learning how to write with your non-dominate hand.  Very true!





The other new addition is of the four-legged variety.  Being the sucker caring person that Hubby is, when he found a little dog sitting on the side of the road (having been obviously hit by a car), he swooped in to rescue the poor creature.  She has a broken leg, and because she likes to attempt to free her leg from the wrap that the vet used, a cone on her head. Poor thing is just a little bully when it comes to getting loves from her people.  The other dogs just don’t have a chance but I’m sure that will change once she gets the “cast” off and the playing field is level. Only a few more weeks and she should be free from that pesky splint.


Poor Little Penny


New Project… Maybe?

Here’s the short list of things I have on my plate at the moment. Some are new and others not so much. I have two dogs, a husband that is in and out 24/7 (gotta love being a small business owner), I’m a home owner, I work my fab 40 hours a week, I take a class at the local college (physiology isn’t for wimps), and there’s the online class I have a ton of work for each week.  Add all of that to keeping up with errands and friends so no one thinks I’ve died from lack of communication and you have a frazzled version of me.

Now, I’m not complaining in the least.  I’ve just been itching to start a new (and very large) project.  One that will take a huge amount of time and concentration.  Here’s my question to all of you.  At what point do you delve into what you really want to do knowing that some of what you need to do might become less important by doing so?  I need suggestions people.