Being in the Moment


This is going to be such an amazing weekend. I’m blessed to be able to spend time with my favorite man, his more than welcoming family, as well as my own beautifully crazy family. As I get older I find that there are so many special moments in life that are to be remembered and savored. I treasure good times spent together more than objects. I’m still a woman though so shiny baubles will always be on my list of good things. But without a strong emotional link behind those shiny things they don’t mean much.

And if that’s just too much happy sappy crap for you, know that there will be more than enough school work mixed in during this long weekend.

Goodbye My Friend

Today we lost a beautiful friend. Cuddles was diagnosed with inoperable bone cancer that presented in her front ankle. We were told then that she could go at any time and we made the most of those months. Today she couldn’t do it any more. I am comforted to know that she is out if pain but I will miss her nibbles. Thank you for the time you were able to spend with us, Cuddles. You will be missed dearly.


Holiday Happiness

I grew up in a house with my mother, my father, and a blond child they still tell me is my sister. Mom did almost all of the cooking. Dad was in charge of the Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes and occasionally chicken on the grill (I loved the little burnt BBQ sauce parts). Only in the last few years has he retired. Coincidentally this is also when he started baking cookies. My folks live in a city about an hour away and every time I visit them the cookie jar has fresh cookies in it just for the occasion.

Christmas is when he brings out the big guns though. We are talking about Grandma’s recipes here people. Heritage in edible form. The super special stuff. In a word: snowballs. Ok they’re known by other names as well. Like Mexican wedding cookies, Russian tea cakes, and several others I’m sure that I’m missing.


My sister and I have always loved these cookies when grandma would send them in her Christmas package. Now that Dad is making them they are even more special… even if they’re growing in size. It just means that there is more surface area to cover in powdered sugar and I am more than good with that idea. Although it also means I need to find a bib as that stuff goes everywhere!

On this day I say thank you to my dad for continuing the family tradition with a simple recipe that brings so much joy.

I Know. I Know!


I have to admit something to you, my dear readers. I’ve messed up and I feel that I need to come clean.

Like everyone I have family members that I really don’t like to claim. One of mine has a blog that somehow I got sucked into a couple of years ago. Last winter I went cold turkey and haven’t looked back.

Until today.

I could blame it on my fever but that would be a lie as this bug doesn’t come with one. I could say it was an accidental bookmark selection but since I’m having to do a factory reset on my phone a few times a day I no longer have any bookmarks. It was a moment of weakness. That’s all I know.

In this little weak moment did I find anything interesting? Anything that I’m sad to have missed in my eleven months of absence? Nope. Not a single thing. I really don’t know if that makes my discretion better or worse. I will say that I think it will make it easier to once again forget one of my least favorite members if my family and her little blog too.

I’m Not Dead Yet



It never fails. One of my few relatives that I’m still talking to comes into town and I’m sick.  Grandma Julie comes to town about every other year from the far away land of should-have-sunken-years-ago-so-they-say California. She’s my Mom’s mom. And for those of you that wonder where I get it (“it” can be many things here) I blame this side of the family. So I really don’t want to miss a visit when I can help it. 

Through the great therapeutic massage I was able to snag off of one of those deal-a-day sites I’m able to say that I’m feeling much better. Or maybe it was the orange death flavor cold med.  Or the extra naps. Or sweating it out while cooking for my huge family (adopted counts too!) of eight for a combo birthday dinner for half of them.  Hmmm ok well maybe I don’t know what it is that got me feeling better.  Damn.

I did get some craft fair time in this weekend. When did these things turn into “yah, I could/do make that and it sure doesn’t cost me THAT much”? Guess I’m old like that. Or just super queen of the crafters. Yah.  That’s it. 

Anyway the best part about the craft thing?  The petting zoo.  Not even kidding (bad goat reference, sorry). Mom agreed too.  She even made a new little friend.