Fatty Results

After three hours at almost a constant 220*F this smokey little devil is ready.  I can’t wait for the gooey cheese inside to cool so I’ve cut a slice and here’s what I find…

Will I make another fatty?  Sure.  Might have to find a way to make it a little less dense as my banded tummy can’t take more than just a few bites.  But a good learning experience and a hobby I plan on continuing.  Now, where’s that cinnamon whiskey?  I feel a toast coming on.

Smoking a Fatty

I know some of you got excited by that statement.  Not THAT kind of fatty.  Ok?  Imagine log of Italian sasauge stuffed with mushrooms and cheese.  Now, imagine this creation completely encased inside of bacon strips woven together all mingling in a bbq smoker.  Toss in some dry bbq rub and some sauce on top.  There you have what is called a fatty or sometimes a bacon explosion.  I’m thinking about calling it a cardiologist’s nightmare.

For the recipe/method click here.

This is the first time I’ve attempted to cook anything in a smoker.  I’ve seen it done several times but I’ve never had a smoker of my own to play with.  After seeking the assistance of people that know what they’re doing I tossed aside the thought about my first attempt being ribs.  I was told that like cast iron smokers need to be seasoned with full flavored fatty food.  Damn.  Don’t you just hate that? Yah, me too.  Enter the sausage, bacon, cheese log!

It’s only about half finished (I think).  But here’s the pic I snapped just after I tucked it into it’s nice warm bed for a little nap.

Can't wait to see it all cooked up!