Monday Mix-up 5 ~OR~ Songs I’m embarrassed about knowing all of the lyrics

Yes, it’s another themed vPod episode here in my corner of the world.  First a rule.  No. Judging.  There it’s been said.

Aint Going Down~ Garth Brooks

Take a deep breath and sing along.  I know you can.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air~ Will Smith

I know I’m not the only one who still knows all the words to this one.

Total Eclipse of the Heart~ Air Supply

Two words.  Thanks.  Mom.

All That Jazz~ Chicago

This is not only one that I know all of the words to it is also one that can easily get stuck in my head for a few days at a time.

We Didn’t Start the Fire~ Billy Joel

This seems pretty easy to sing along to… until you add some (ok a lot) of alcohol.  Then… it’s one heck of a challenge.