Foamy Newness

As we’ve talked about before I can be kind of flighty.  Sometimes this comes in the form of bouncing interests when I get bored.  Or when I should be working on something else.  For example, I really should be working on my final paper yet somehow the new hair dye I just bought called louder than the huge stack of data to sort through.

Yes, I’m one of the 99.98% of women who cannot honestly remember what their natural hair color is.  With the exception of about a year I have dyed my hair since I was 14.  That single year was recently when Hubby asked me what my natural color was and I answer him I decided to grow it out and see.  Notice that it’s been dyed several times since this little experiment if that tells you anything.

New product alert!  I saw an ad in one of those magazines that made me curious to try a new product.  Samy Fat Foam Hair Color.  Found at Walmart on sale for about $6.  I’ve used creams, gels, and liquids to dye my hair.  Hell, I even used that crazy spray in sun stuff (we’re not even talking about the Koolaid or Jello powder summer).  But foam is a different experience for me.  From the packaging I was expecting foam similar to mousse and not Cool Whip so that was a bit of a challenge.

The first thing I noticed when I opened up the directions was that there were a lot of them.  We’re talking some serious reading material.  I’m used to only having to look up how long to process the color once the mess is in my hair.  This was more like a chemistry experiment.  Here’s the simple version:

  1. Wear gloves
  2. Pour developer liquid into container
  3. Pour powder dye into container
  4. Tighten lid onto container
  5. Shake container vertically for more than 30 seconds
  6. Open lid
  7. Coat hair with foam
  8. Wait 30 minutes
  9. Rinse until water is clear
  10. Use included shampoo and conditioner
  11. Style as normal


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How did it turn out?  I like it.  I was a bit disappointed that there were only ten colors to choose from but maybe that’s why I don’t like picking colors from the other lines… too many options.  This one was pretty easy to use and I only managed to drop one blob of fluffy stuff on me (nothing on my bathroom for that matter) so that’s a definite plus.  Another plus is the smell… or lack of smell.  I won’t lie and tell you that it was like walking through a patch of flowers nestled next to a stream in the mountains.  It just wasn’t the normal burn-every-hair-in-your-nose stench most hair dye comes with.  I like the color even though my initial reaction was along the lines of “Oh MY!  That is a bit DARK!”  But I think it’s a nice change from my normal medium/light brownie coppery color.  Would I use this again?  Yes.  I really think that I would.

~Please note this is not a paid review.

Begin the Hate

Not the pile in my home but similar

I’ve posted in the past about my obsession with finding the perfect gift for people during the holidays.  The one thing that they may have mentioned in February that would make them happy to receive sometimes ends up in their possession during the holidays.  This is something I strive for.  To see that the recipient totally forgot they even mentioned it is the best reward.   Sometimes it’s something that is made special just for them (we’re talking crafty stuff) or even a gathering of smaller things running with a theme.  Silent Bob was presented with a foodie’s delight basket last year.  I really had a hard time not digging into that one early myself.

With one exception my holiday gifts are finished.  Totally. Done.  Some purchased stuff along with some creative stuff.  But that part doesn’t matter as much as it being complete.  I don’t have to worry about a panicked search through the aisles of Hellmart finding the perfect popcorn tin. 

Yah, you can hate me.  I’m okay with that.

Pleasing Purse

If you ask my husband I have too many purses.  Not like most women and the shoe collections I hear about.  Mind you these aren’t the super expensive brand name kinds.  They’re just the Hellmart Tarjay kind but still.  I found one the other day I knew I needed.  Actually to be honest my mom found one and I had to have my own.  You’ve seen the infomercial about the insert that has all of the pockets that you place in the purse to organize it?

This new find actually has a version of the organizer inside already.  It’s attached so I don’t have to worry about pulling it out when I go to grab something.  See.  I know it’s a bit hard to make it all out but trust me it’s great.  AND 30% off!  So for under $20 I think this is a real find.  You can find your own at Kmart.  The brand it Butler Essentials by Jen Groover.

MmmMinty Fresh

It’s been a long time since I’ve really been surprised by a product.  I was out with Button last night and we made a trip to Hellmart.  After wandering around a bit I found these. (go to the site and get a coupon!)

The Colgate Wisps are single use toothbrush like items.  There is a little “breath freshening bead” located in the middle of the bristles.  On the other end there is a pick to reach between teeth.  Since the breath freshening bead is sugar free it’s a great alternative to the after-lunch stick of gum.  Also it says on the package that it’s non-foaming, leaves no residue, and is safe to swallow.

After my first use I really want to get some more of these and pass them out to my friends (and the creepy lady that brushes and flosses in the public bathroom at work… yuck).  For just a few dollars you get a pack of four individually wrapped brushes.  They also come in three flavors (peppermint, spearmint, and cinnamon).

It’s the Little Things

The highlight of the weekend for me was a quick trip to Hellmart.  Now, some people have sock monsters in their dryer… not in my house.  Nope.  We have an undie-eater.  I’m not kidding.  I have to buy underwear about four times a year… not because what I have is worn out but just plain missing.  Yes, missing.  It’s really ok because for some reason I really do like new underwear.  It’s something so simple that just makes me feel happy.  I know it’s odd.  Actually, I’ve asked a few people about this and they were in complete agreement.  So, maybe I’m not the only odd ball out there.  There’s hope afterall.